Embedded Can be a 4 Letter Word

September 25, 2007 – 1:52 pm

When it comes to working with servers I’ve never had better support with RAID controllers than Adaptec.
  Now that we at Tech Care Team are leaving Dell and moving to mostly Intel based systems I’m glad there are guys like Handy Andy out there reminding us to add the RAID card separate.  That was our first request to our new system builder last week.  I know this practice saved me when I lost my own SBS motherboard and could have saved Andy days of troubleshooting. 

If you remember nothing else, remember HA’s words of wisdom: I tried to save the client a few bucks and use the Intel Embedded Raid, I should have listened to my own advice, always use a plug in card, it makes your arrays portable.”

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  2. I agree. The Adaptec RAID controllers are excellent - but only once they bought out DPT and used their RAID platform.
    A separate RAID controller is great for the reasons you state above, but it’s also good to have a spare floating around, especially with RAID migration becoming a standard feature.
    The Intel stuff is getting better, but again, best to use an expansion card.

    By Chris Knight on Sep 26, 2007

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