Ready to Get Serious? Go with Autotask Go!

September 27, 2007 – 3:11 pm

Sorry if this blog reads like an infomercial but when you really believe in something you can’t help but share about it. 

When I started my business 6 years ago I was like many of you.  I kept notes in Excel, contacts in Outlook, billed from QuickBooks and kept track of billable time on a notepad (that I occasionally even entered into QB for billing).  Maybe you can keep it all together, but for me, I was ready to grow my business and stop kidding myself that I could do it without making the leap to a condsolidated system designed for my business.  I honestly believe I owe much of the success of my company to my move to Autotask Pro.  While it wasn’t cheap or a perfect system, it more than paid for itself.  Today, I couldn’t run my business with out it!

Now along come Autotask Go!   For all of you that have been asking me about how to get started with a PSA, I see your future in Autotask Go!.  This slicker-than-snot hosted solution is perfect for the new or small MSP / IT Shop that is looking for an effective way to consolidate their customer data, manage tickets, time entries and more.  For only $99/month  for 3 users with no startup fees and a 60 day money back guarantee this is a no-brainer!  

Autotask Go! goes on sale Saturday in Redmond at SMB Nation and goes live October 9th or even better, contact the folks at Mobilize SMB and you can get it for the same price but with pre-configured templates.


Here are some of the key features included in the new Autotask Go!:

Autotask Go! is built on the very same technology as its award-winning “big brother,” Autotask® ProTM, but with fewer advanced features, no start-up fees, and a low fixed monthly  price of just $99. Use it for two full months and if you are not completely satisified, we’ll give you a 100% refund.

Autotask Go! includes all the basics you need to get organized. It includes customer contact info, contracts, service tickets, MSP integration tools, billing and more…you’ve got what you need, when you need it.   Access your data from any PC or mobile device via the web.

Autotask Go! manages all your contact info. Keep track of all your leads, prospects, vendors, partners and customer information in one place. There’s a place for notes, conversations, e-mails and to-do’s — even reminders and notifications of what’s due and when.

Autotask Go! keeps track of all your open issues and to-do’s…so you don’t have to!  Imagine having a single dashboard on your desktop that’s constantly updated with real-time data about your business and service operations, including billable hours entered each day. You’re never blind-sided by unresolved tickets, forgotten to-do’s, missed appointments, or open issues. It’s all in one place for you to manage, track, and bill.

Managed Service Providers (or MSP Want-to-Be’s) will love the built-in integrations between Autotask and the leading Remote Monitoring and Management tools including those offered by Level Platforms, N-able, Kaseya, Silverback, and others. Monitoring alerts from these companies automatically generate tickets in Autotask Go!

Autotask Go! organizes your service tickets, too! Manage your SLAs using the built-in automated workflow rules. Move open service tickets into configurable queues for easier ticket management. Automatically assign tickets by issue type, priority, customer, or tech. Also includes automatic escalation and email notification.

Bill effortlessly – Autotask Go! automatically tracks and compiles all billable time so you can easily invoice your clients. It also generates complete billing detail, giving you the ammo you need to justify any charge. Autotask Go! also includes seamless integration with QuickBooks at no additional charge.

  1. 7 Responses to “Ready to Get Serious? Go with Autotask Go!”

  2. From what I can tell, Go! has a couple serious shortcomings for MSPs, not including that irritating exclamation point in the name:

    - No tracking of non-billable time
    - No fixed price and retainer contracts

    Both of those are essential to the MSP model. I don’t use the Pro version now, so I don’t know exactly what Go! (ugh!) users will be missing, but it sure sounds bad on its face.

    By David Schrag on Sep 28, 2007

  3. Wow david, I‘m sorry you feel that way without experiencing the products.

    The Autotask product management team had significant input from dozens of small IT Service providers and MSPs already using Autotask Pro to design the feature set in Go!

    The result of our careful research is a product that is preconfigured so you can be up and running in an hour – but has enough power to get the job done. Check out the new cool new Autotask Go! website and video overview at

    To be clear, Autotask Go! has the ability to track time applied to a managed services contracts for profitability and resource utilization and also has the ability to track comp-time on tickets. You will need to upgrade to Autotask Pro to get comprehensive timesheet features to track and approve holiday, vacation, regular time and expense reports.

    As far as the Go! and Pro branding – The Var Guy from TechIQ Magazine says: “Go” inspires action, and suggests safe passage for solutions providers that want to give managed services a try.

    For trivia buffs – check out what Wikipedia says about Go – the ancient Chinese board game and see if you can figure out how it applies to the Autotask product strategy…

    By Bob G on Sep 29, 2007

  4. Bob G, I was only going on the Go! literature I saw (!-Datasheet.pdf). As a non-Autotask user, I don’t know exactly what it means not to be able to track non-billable time and not to have fixed price and retainer contracts. But as a managed service provider, I know that both of those things are key components of our service delivery, so the fact that they are missing from Go! seems a bit troubling.

    Of course, the risk-free trial makes this less of a concern. I suppose we can just get the thing for ourselves and see whether these missing features are a big deal or not.

    As for the name, I think Autotask Go is a perfectly good name. It’s just the punctuation mark I could do without.

    For what it’s worth, I just took the “Help Me Choose” test and even though I am a one-man shop, your tool recommended Pro for me rather than Go. I think that’s because I like keeping my calendar in Outlook (who doesn’t?) and because as the business owner it would be helpful for me to track all of my time, not just time on tickets. I’m very surprised that the people you pilot-tested this with didn’t see these as core product features.

    By David Schrag on Sep 30, 2007

  5. What do you use David?

    By Mark on Oct 4, 2007

  6. I’ve been using the Kaseya and Zenith ticketing systems, Standard Time for time keeping, Quickbooks for invoicing and G/L, Outlook for scheduling and tasks, a few Word docs, OneNote notebooks, and Excel spreadsheets here and there. It’s a mess but there haven’t been any real good solutions for a solo shop. I just submitted my order for Autotask Go, so we’ll see if it meets my needs.

    By David Schrag on Oct 4, 2007

  7. Quick follow-up: I don’t want to turn this blog post into a debate about the features of Autotask Go!, but I will say that prospective users should dig deeper than the comparison sheet. For example, it turns out that “non-billable” time CAN be tracked, but perhaps not with the same power or flexibility as in the Pro version. On the flip side, I am seeing some limitations in Go! now that didn’t mean anything to me when I saw the brochure, like the inability to edit allocation codes. How would I have known that a feature like that would be important to me before I started using it? Anyway, I am fairly impressed so far with the training materials and online documentation and there are certainly some features in here that will make my life easier.

    By David Schrag on Oct 16, 2007

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