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September 29, 2007 – 1:52 pm

Since too many of my friends and family have to read this blog to keep up with where I’m at in life (yes, sometimes that included my wife) I thought I would check in from SMB Nation here in Redmond (MS Campus).

Today is technically Day 1 even though I arrived yesterday and attending a pre conference session and had dinner with a vendor.  Four hours sleep going into Friday and six going into today so I think I may actually survive the time change (until I get back to Charlotte and have to wake up early). 

Today I had breakfast with Andrea Russel (in charge of SBSC Worldwide) and she was asking us about a major system builder that had approached her to offer an SBSC exclusive offer.  Let me ask you the same question:  If you were to get special pricing from a system builder for you customers would you want the OS OEM or Open?  We agreed Open as we like to keep your server OS installs “migratable”.

After breakfast I was put on stage during the keynote Q & A to answer questions about the SBSC initative from a partner perspective.  With over 1000 people watching live (in the room, overflow room and onine) and those darn bright lights in my face I hope I did OK.   At least it will make my presentation on P2V conversion to 200 folks later today feel like a small group of friends. 

Right now I’m watching Respose Point being demonstrated by Jeff Smith himself.  I can wait to get my demo unit. I really belive Microsoft is making the right move by getting into the phone system business (at least from a software dev standpoint).

It looks like tonight will be the big party night starting with the SBSC Wine & Cheese at 5, Magic Show after that than the big suprise party by Autotask (oops, did I blog the suprise).  If I get to some sleep tonight I will be sure to post an update tomorrow. 

If you are not here, please keep an eye out for my announcement of the SMB Summit coming in spring ‘08.


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  2. Yes, how cool is Response Point. I saw a quick demo in Charlotte before we had our last TS2 Conference. While I still like working with more traditional PBX type systems (YEAH RIGHT), this will allow the partner segment to be able to have yet another income stream. It’s nice that they’ve made for the most part idiot proof, So I gues that means us technicians will have problems trying to install it (HA HA).

    By Scott Johnson on Oct 13, 2007

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