We’ve Got A Guy

September 29, 2007 – 5:12 pm

How many times have you come in to clean up after a business owners brother’s uncle’s friend’s son setup the new server then went off and got a real job?   MS is launching a site to help us SBSCs have creditability over the pimple-faces VW driving x-box playing texting additcs.  Check out Susan’t blog on this breaking news.  Folks this is BIG.  This is the first time Microsoft has broking SOP and planned a branding program around a compentency.  They really are serious about Small Business and I’m proud to be a trusting partner of Microsoft.

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  2. Hello, I just saw the commercial on http://www.wevegottaguy.com and that campaign seems brilliant. That guy is funny and nice to watch. Nice job guys- y’all found a winner.

    By natalie on Oct 2, 2007

  3. I am glad to see this also. At some point major players have to take ownership of the marketplace direction and ask themselves how healthy will their business be if, down the road, the very market they are trying to attract decides to NOT do MS technology because the support is low and not properly performed.

    By Chuck on Oct 13, 2007

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