Mixed Messages on VoIP from Microsoft?

October 19, 2007 – 3:16 pm

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So what do I believe?  Ballmer tells me in a lunch meeting last spring that “Microsoft is dead set and determined to be a dominate player in the phone systems business”.  Shortly after that Response Point makes it name well know at the Denver WWPC showcasing their new small business IPBX system.   Now, earlier this week Gates announces the eminent demise of the PBX as we known it.  So is RPs days numbered or not?

Hey Jeff, you can come work for me here in Charlotte selling hosted PBX solutions.  ;-)

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  2. LOL. Well Mark, I think both Steve and Bill are right here. Response Point is a phone system that is nothing like a PBX as we know it. Heck, who but us techies even knows what PBX stands for?

    And while I’m normally a big fan of hosted services, I wonder how many businesses will pay $30+ per user per month for hosted VoIP, when they can typically get a Response Point system fully installed for less than half that, and own the system outright after 3 years.

    Would you lease a car if the lease payments were >2x higher than loan payments?


    By Jeff Smith on Oct 19, 2007

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